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GFSI: SQF/ BRC consulting

We will guide you through GFSI/HACCP Certification (SQF/BRC), as we know the challenges for implementation world class systems. Our goal is to provide you with commonsense solutions to avoid unnecessary spending. Our Team has real floor experience and an excellent track record with successfully passing GFSI audits. We have experience in all the HIGH risk food categories for GFSI Certification.

What is HACCP?

Hazard types could be associated with ingredients, processing aids, processing steps, or the processing environment, improper temperature control, improper sanitation and the personal hygiene of an employee. It is also important the potential safety hazards are known, understood and dealt with properly by all employees. In past food processors relied on Quality assurance and inspection systems for monitoring food quality and safety, and finished product test used to be tool for product safety, which was seriously flawed. With HACCP we will identify potential issues first and the select the best way to prevent, reduce or eliminate them. HACCP builds on going safety systems right into production, processing, distribution and retailing of foods.


HACCP plan is focused specifically on each product and each production line, and this where a hazards associated with a product can be eliminated, and provides a well-documented way to ensure food safety. It is also a collaborative effort, as all staff is involved at each step of the food safety process. HACCP is not just a quality standard anymore, more and more trading companies have made it mandatory as a condition of trading products between countries. HACCP systems are so effective that it is highly suggested to implement it in operations to ensure product supplied are the safest possible. It brings safety right into each step of food processing.

What we can do you?

Our expertise can help in developing a new HACCP plan for your enterprise, or can revamp an existing plan. Our step by set guidance will help you in assembling your HACCP team, product description, Identify intended use and setup flow diagrams. We will help you aligning with all seven principles of HACCP and will include:

  1. Conducting Hazard Analysis
  2. Determining critical points.
  3. Establishing Critical limits.
  4. Establishing a system to monitor control of CCP’s.
  5. Corrective actions.
  6. Establishing procedures for verification.
  7. Establishing documentation and records.

It also help you in deep understand of understanding of how food becomes unsafe, listing safe food handling practices, and checking safe food handling practices, Also it will help you satisfy legislative requirements for HACCP.

A pre-assessment audit follows the same processes as a real Audit. With all company information we will guide you through the scope of Audit process, and the audit should score from any non-conformities as major or minor, SQF also helps in improvement. This will ensure if your facility is prepared for Audit and will also explore needs for corrective actions.

GFSC can also carry out pre-audit inspection in advance of Audits for inspection of products, processes and regulatory requirements to ensure that corrective requirements are identified and taken care of before a third party audit. We can help you out with detailed review of processes and procedures, with complete documentation and reporting of internal control framework. Our services will ensure that you have a smooth experience during third party audits alongwith reduced time spent on audit requests. We do Pre GFSI and Pre audit assessment for our customers. We have a extensive experience of performing GMP/ HACCP audits in food and distribution industries. Our audits will help you in:

  1. Genuine desire to improve food safety, quality, and Sanitation.
  2. Satisfying customer requirements to verify a vendor programme.
  3. Getting marketing advantage.
  4. Troubleshooting

5S – “Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu, and Shitsuke”
We will help you apply the “5S” in your workspace as a part of your Lean manufacturing or process improvement effort. We are pioneers in the field of operational excellence, and have helped many to reach pinnacle in operational efficiency and quality standards. We believe in “Autonomation”, where humans can focus on the best and automating rest of the processes which reduce efficiency.

Lean Manufacturing is focused on doing the right tasks, at the right time, in the right quantity to achieve perfect work flow while eliminating waste (scrap) and with the ability and flexibility to change. Our training ensures that product flows are perfect, and there is no lag. Our years of experience in plant layout and material handling will ensure that you get the best out of your existing operations by reducing re-handling cost, spoilage, and extra wasted movements along with delegation of responsibility for Material space allocation, palletisation, and proper stocking of materials.

Get guided by the best experts in Industry.

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