Food Safety Plus Audit Software Solutions

Bringing you tomorrow’s Paperless Systems today!

In today fast paced food production environment more and more is being asked of the operators by regulators and key accounts. Documentation is not optional any more. Under FSMA you must prove that the required monitoring and verification activities are being followed-it is the law.

Right now the majority of these activities are being recorded on paper, copied, manually circulated and stored away in a file. It’s both labor intensive and expensive, and the effectiveness of this approach is suspect.


  • Little or no Training
  • Self Access in Real Time
  • Immediacy & Transparency
  • Instant Notifactions
  • Cloud Date Storage
  • Custom Reporting
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Introducing, Food Safety Plus Audit Software Suite, a revolutionary and vastly superior alternative to current Q.A. documentation and approved supplier management practices.

Paper? Who needs paper? All of your reports will be saved on our cloud servers so you can access them without running to the filing cabinet or going down to the basement and digging through archives! Our mobile app will save you time, make you more productive and save you money!

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